welcome to the pilots!

We offer a complete paragliding package to every paragliding pilot. Our team focuses on continuous enhancement of flight charcteristics, safety and comfort of our paragliders, rescue parachutes, harnesses and accessories. Every year there are new stunning inventions in our product range.

The independence team, some of them creative engineers and test pilots, who always put our products to acid tests, was successful enough to make independence the leading manufacturer for rescue parachutes. And by the way many of these reserves are available for hang gliding, too.

For every paragliding pilot an ideal equipment package

No matter if you are beginner or experienced instructor, cross country pilot or airborne acrobat – independence has everything you need for paragliding. According to our slogan "fly it your way" we offer an ideal package of glider, harness, rescue system, useful accessories and service, of course, that meets YOUR needs!

Next Generation – rescue systems

With the rescue systems of the Next Generation (NG) series, we have developed an optimised design of the cruciform parachutes that surpasses all previously existing properties.

NG rescue systems


NG – Next Generation

Following our Evo Cross cruciform rescue system and the still unbeaten Ultra Cross, we have developed an optimised cruciform parachute with the NG (Next Generation) series.

The new Air-Taxi²

... with a huge weight range from 135 to 235 kg. Its take-off and flare characteristics is fantastic, and its trimmer clasp, which allows infinitely variable and jerk-free adjustment, is new.

Hi-Tec helmet

At independence, we have always focused on safety and therefore equip our Hi-Tec helmet not only with the RECCO® reflector, but also optionally with a chin bar.

Pilot Alpin

The new Pilot Alpin tandem harness is particularly light and yet comfortable. It is optionally available with light airbag Connect Air (390 g) or sturdy Protektor Connect Pro (890 g).

Single-Skin ground handling wing

Easy is the first Single Skin ground handling wing. Practising with such a wing on ground, you can playfully develop a good sense for paragliding and perfect your ground handling skills.

Above the clouds

Paragliders for beginners

Circling with eagles

Paragliders for thermal pilots

Double flying pleasure

Tandem gliders and accessories

Just a breeze?

Flying with motor

Manuals and

Manuals, certificates, flight test reports for the current models can be found in the download area as well as on the respective product page.

The documents for older models are also still available in the download area.