Harnesses for comfortable seating

"Perfect seating and optimum protection at a favourable price." – this is the motto for our harnesses.

Our harnesses are elaborately manufactured and our unique foam protectors respectively airbags achieve high passive safety. Find the harness that suits you best in size by visiting your independence dealer.

Our models

  • Light harness for beginners
  • Integrated rescue parachute container
  • Extremely light XC harness
  • Simple opening of speed bag
  • All-round harness with one or two reserve containers
  • Excellent control, perfect brace support
  • Light, comfortable reversible harness with optimised airbag
  • Large rucksack volume
  • Extremely light reversible harness
  • Adjustable, broad hipbelt
  • Light harness for tandem paragliding
  • Construed for best possible moving space
  • Very light tandem passenger harness
  • With foam protector
  • Multifunctional light harness
  • For groundhandling, beginners slope or for passengers
  • Bi-place passenger harness for the young generation
  • LTF and EN certified
  • For ground handling-, schooling or tandem passengers
  • Robust, replaceable PVC at bottom side
  • Lightweight yet comfortable
  • Excellent seating comfort, with airbag protector
  • Tandem passenger harness for kids
  • With protector and child-proof locks


At independence, we have always focused on quality and safety. Even a small part can often be crucial.

That's why we equip both our Hi-Tec helmet and our harnesses (with the exception of passenger harnesses) with integrated RECCO® reflectors. The small, lightweight reflectors from RECCO® originally come from avalanche rescue and make it easier to find people who have had an accident. For winter sports, they are integrated into ski jackets. The active search system can be tracked from a helicopter, for example. The system is therefore ideally suited for use in air sports. The reflectors themselves are passive and therefore do not require their own power supply.

RECCO® reflectors therefore increase the chance of being found quickly after an accident - a good reason to integrate them into our products.