Previous harnesses

Our harnesses

Below we list those harnesses, which aren't part of the current product range anymore, as successors of these models are meanwhile available. The list is made for everybody, who needs to look up technical data, look for a manual etc.

Downloads for older harnesses, which aren't listed below, are to be found in the service area.

  • Very comfortable and versatile harness
  • Perfect for long flights
  • XC-harness (optional with speed bag)
  • Ideal adjustment for canopy feedback
  • Light and comfortable reversible harness
  • Large rucksack capacity
  • Acro harness made of particularly robust material
  • Excellent steering, brace support for the back
  • All-round harness with excellent seating comfort
  • robust, light and durable
  • Aerodynamically optimised all-round harness
  • Friction-reduced accelerator slide