Annular Classic

the classic rescue parachute

The original! Our legendary Annular series, which we have been manufacturing for more than 25 years, meanwhile became the most common rescue parachute concept in the world. For years it has been antetype to so many rescue systems, which have been constructed pursuant to its design.

Often copied, never beaten!


Since 1995 the Annular system has been manufactured ten-thousandfold and nowadays it is still available in the following sizes: 30, 36 and 38.

Its revolutionary concept, altough 20 years old, still represents state of technology in annular parachute manufacturing and has been adapted almost unmodified to the design of our light-rescue Annular EVO.

The series, due to its shape, shows excellent pendulum stability, thus makes smooth landings possible. The final development step in manufacturing Annular Classic was the development of deployment accelerators: RAM air pockets. These pockets achieve fast and retainable opening even at low speed.

  • Exceptional value for money
  • Large surface
  • Ram air pockets: for the fastest and most reliable opening ever achieved in annular parachutes
  • Pendulum stability
  • Well-proven annular shape
  • Easy to pack
  • For high total load at low sink rate
Rescue system surface m² drag at 6.8 m/s sink rate max. total load weight of parachute
Annular Classic 30 65 284kp 200kg 3,9kg
Annular Classic 36 67 > 250kp 250kg 4,2kg
Annular Classic 38 78 345kp 300kg 5,3kg

Available for paragliders as well as hang-gliders.

RAM-Air Pockets

Opening accelerator


enables soft landings


Zu diesem Thema haben wir eine eigene Infoseite erstellt, in der hoffentlich alle Fragen dazu erläutert werden: RAM-Air Pockets

There is also a detailed explanation of this topic with picture examples: round and cruciform parachutes

We have created a summary for the appropriate model selection, which can be accessed with the following link: Model selection and practical tips

Suitable products and accessory for this reserve

  • Trike glider, especially construed for paramotoring
  • Certified for 110 to 340 kg

Reserve front container with a cockpit for your instruments.

The independence packing kit contains everything you need to re-pack your rescue parachute.