RAM-Air Pockets

standard opening accelerator

Our proprietary rescue opening accelerators, RAM-Air Pockets, are standard on all of our round canopy models. RAM-Air Pockets consist of two small parabolic pockets sewn to the outside of the base on two opposite panels of the rescue parachute. This accelerates the opening behavior already during the stretching phase and even at low speeds.

How the RAM-Air Pockets work

RAM-Air Pockets fill very easily due to their position, shape and small volume - regardless of the angle of inflow. The resistance induced by this on the outside of the canopy ensures that the base of the rescue device opens more quickly, which favors an inflow of air into the canopy.

Thus, the complete opening of the rescue parachute takes place much faster, which can be vital in case of an emergency opening - especially just above ground!

The sequence of pictures shows how the RAM-Air Pockets work in detail.The two large pictures in portrait format show the opening behavior when the rescue device is approached from below. The two small pictures in portrait format show that the RAM-Air Pockets work even when the air is directed at them from above or from a different, supposedly less favorable angle!


The RAM-Air Pockets enable an unprecedented increase in opening safety and shortening of the opening time for round caps. Since every meter of height counts, especially for emergency openings just above ground, RAM-Air Pockets are a good investment for safety!

Standard on all independence round caps!