Privacy policy

Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG is serious about the protection of your personal data. Below we inform you which kind of data we collect on this website, how we protect these data and about your rights concerning deletion of personal data.

Basically you may use the websites of Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG without giving any kind of personal data. Without your explicit consent -given by filling a contact form, registration form or any other kind of form- we do not collect any kind of personal data on this website. We do not use tracking software.

We collect statistical data

Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG collects statistical data on the use of its websites. While visiting a website on the internet, your browser transmits data like your IP address, web browser type and version - these are the data which automatically get stored. We use these data only for website administration. We record time, date, file name and file size of page views. These data are not individual-related. The anonymous server log files are stored separately from all possibly given personal data.
But in case of an official directive by appropriate authorities, we are obliged to submit server log files to law enforcement authorities.

Solely within our online store we record your IP-address within your order - together with the personal data given. This is meant to serve as security measure, e.g. if someone would use your personal data, like your name and address, without your consent to place an order. In such case law enforcement authorities could use this information in order to clarify the crime.

Use of temporary cookies

On customer pages, which require a login, we use temporary cookies. These cookies are valid and necessary only for the duration of your visit (e.g. to a customer area).

In order to provide this website we use temporary cookies, which are necessary for some functions, such as navigation and login. Such cookies don't collect personal data, they carry only the information of a session, for example in order to enable you to navigate the website by using 'Back' buttons. If you deactivate cookies in your browser settings, such buttons won't work. You may use your browser navigation instead. Additionally you can't subscribe to our newsletter if you don't accept cookies.
You can only use our online store if you accept cookies. These cookies are obligatory to store information like your cart.

Collecting personal data and transmission to third parties

If you contact Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG via fax, eMail or phone, we store these data in order to fulfill your request or reply to your question. In order to reply to your question, to fulfill your request, to proceed your application or order, or to send you an offer, Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG needs to determine your identity. That's why we ask you for your company name and personal data such as name, phone number, eMail address and maybe your full address. We store these data in order to be able to fulfill a contract.

These personal data are stored at least until we replied to your request or fulfilled a service you requested. Where statutory requirements make it necessary to store personal data for a longer period of time, we store such data for the maximum mandatory period.

Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG does not hand on collected data to third parties, unless the service you requested requires to hand on data to a contractor (e.g. shipment or payment processing). For such services we have to transfer the data which are required to fulfill the according task.

Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG has taken many technical and organisational precautions to protect personal data collected on our websites. Yet data transmissions via internet can bear risks, so that we cannot grant total protection. You are free to submit your orders, requests and/or personal data via phone or by post.

We use the data which you provide within the online store of Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG to fulfill and proceed your order.
For the shipment of your order we need to submit your address to the according parcel service.
For the payment processing we have to transfer required data to the payment service which you have chosen during the order checkout. If you have chosen to pay via PayPal (processing via PayPal Luxemburg, a service owned by PayPal, 2211 North First Street San Jose, California 95131) or credit card (processing via Braintree Payments, 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #800, Chicago, IL 60654, USA), the payment is processed completely by companies located in the USA. The current bilateral agreement on data protection applies. If you do not want to pay via a service located in the USA, please choose 'Prepayment via bank transfer'.
Your credit card data and according payment details do not get processed on the server of Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG, but on the server of the payment service and the server of your bank. If you do not want to use a payment service provided by a company which is based in the USA, please choose 'payment via bank transfer'.

Registration on our website

On our websites you can subscribe to our newsletter, register for an account within our online store or other services. By registering on our website you voluntarily submit your personal data in order to receive content or services. It's in the nature of things that some services can only be provided for registered users. You can see exactly which personal data are transferred by looking at the appropriate registry form. These data do only get stored for the apparent purpose.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you have the possibility to unsubscribe at any time - automatically or simply by getting in contact with us.

Publication of personal data

On our websites we publish photographs of persons. These persons have agreed to the publication. Of course every person concerned has the right to partly or completely withdraw the publication at any time. In such case please contact one of the responsible persons (see release form or contact details below) in order to inform us, that you wish to unpublish your images. Wherever possible we will immediately comply with your wish.

Your rights as a person affected by data handling

Persons whose data are processed by Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG can assert their rights to the person in charge via eMail or post. You are entitled to:

  • receive information on the extent to which personal data are being processed
  • obtain disclosure, which personal data are stored
  • request data portability
  • demand correction in case of false data
  • demand deletion of personal data as far as legislation allows to delete these data
  • demand limitation of data handling
  • recall your agreement
  • objection
  • lodge a complaint with an authority responsible for data protection

Information on data processing is free of charge. The person affected by data handling therefor needs to authenticate to the person in charge to prove that he/she has the right to receive the concerned personal data. The reply shall be given within the maximum period of one month.

Right to disclosure / Responsible for data protection

Of course you have the right to review your personal data which we have stored in our system. This service is free of charge. You may as well ask for the deletion of your personal data. We shall comply with your wish immediately as far as legislation allows to delete these data.
This disclosure can be transferred electronically.

Responsible for your disclosure request or other requests concerning privacy protection:
Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG
Stefan Kurrle
Am Schönebach 3
87637 Eisenberg / Germany
fon +49 (0)8364 98 33 - 0
fax +49 (0)8364 98 33 - 33

Links or redirects to external services / Use of video streaming services, social media, map services and other external services

When we link to external services, we clearly display that link by showing the according url. Additionally those links are marked with the symbol for external links or the according logo of a service (e.g. recommendation links).
When we use redirects to external services, we inform you before that redirect is carried out (e.g. redirect to a payment service after checkout).

On our websites we display videos which are stored within streaming services. Streaming services such as Vimeo (555 W 18th StNew York City 10011, USA) or YouTube (YouTube LLC a company owned by Google LLC. Within Europe responsible for that service: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Irland; see privacy policy by Google) belong to companies located in the USA. If you play a video, a connection to the according server gets established. If you are logged in as a member of the service, the according company can attribute that information to your account.
Furthermore we use GoogleMaps on our website (within Europe responsible for that service: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Irland; see privacy policy by Google) to display our location and to make it possible for you to use a route planner.
By including such services, these services can store their own cookies in your web browser. You can avoid that by simply adjusting your browser settings once and deactivating third party cookies (please read the help file of your web browser). And you can avoid to stay logged in to such services while visiting other websites.

If you visit an online presence of Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG on GoogleMaps or any other Social Media service, or even register with that service, the according privacy policy of that service applies. Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG is not to be held responsible for the handling of personal data by such services.

Fly-market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. KG has an online presence within Facebook (within Europe responsible for that service: Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland, see privacy policy by Facebook). If you visit our online presence on Facebook, please bear in mind that Facebook does collect personal data on a large scale and uses all these data for commercial purposes and hands these data on to third parties. We have no influence at all on the collection and processing of data carried out by Facebook and their partners. For us, having an account at Facebook, it's not apparent how Facebook handles data of its users. If you don't want Facebook to handle your personal data, simply contact us directly (via post, telephone, eMail or by the contact form offered on our website).

Pseudonymisation / Anonymisation

According to the General Data Protection Regulation we are obliged to enable anonymous use of our services and payment services if technically feasible. We have to inform the users of our website about that fact. At present we are unable to provide such a service.

Consequences of not providing personal data

If you do not provide personal data, you will be not be able to use such functions or services which require personal data.
(This is a translation of our German Privacy Policy. German Law applies.)