Children's passenger harness

Junior is the first bi-place harness for children, which is certified according to LTF and EN standard. Thus it probably is the safest way to fly with young passengers.

Optimal safety

The Junior was equipped with a full foam protector, fall-out protection and special closures, which reliably prevent unintentional opening in flight.

Belt geometry suitable for children

The child-friendly harness geometry ensures a secure hold and prevents unforeseen weight shifts.

Selected materials

The materials used such as webbing, fabrics, carabiners, etc. are identical to those of our regular, large harnesses.

  • Certified according to LTF and EN
  • Low weight: only 1,7kg at size S
  • Colour marked main suspensions (red / green)
  • Easy slipping-in
  • Effective foam protector
  • Security belt buckles
  • Honeycomb seat board
  • Enhanced bottom
  • Belt design suitable for children
  • Comfortable padded back part
  • Large storage bag
  • Manufactured in the EU
Size Small Medium
body height < 120 cm > 120 cm
max. load 100 kg 100 kg
harness weight 1,7 kg 1,8 kg
suspension height 36 cm 38cm
seat board size (width/length) 26cm x 26 cm 30 cm x 26 cm
certification EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09

The sizes given only are references, as the individually suitable size differs according to physique and personal preferences.

fabric Ripstop Nylon 210 & Cordura
risers 25 mm Polyester
leg and chest closures Finsterwalder PT-Lock
carabiner AustriAlpin Stratus
seat board synthetic; honeycomb design


Yes! Junior is the first bi-place passenger harness for kids. The harness is certified according to LTF and EN standards. The requirements a child harness needs to fulfill at certification tests are just the same as requirements for regular paragliding harnesses. As the child harness is much smaller than regular harnesses, the force applied to the harness, in comparison, is much higher. Therefore we are proud to have reached the admission criteria even at first attempt.

No! We deliberately didn't use automatic belt locks. The locks we use, particularly the chest belt lock, can not be opened during flight, due to a drop-out safeguard.

It is advisable, even if the child is still small, to choose size M. The provided adjustment makes it possible to use it for a small child, too. Even if the seat board is quite long, the seating is going to be appropriate for your child.

Suitable products and accessory for this harness

  • Tandem paraglider: perfect launch & flare characterstics
  • (Not only) for professional tandem pilots
  • The world's lightest tandem reserve, LTF/EN certification
  • Extremely low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Light harness for tandem paragliding
  • Construed for best possible moving space

Various holders for action cams such as GoPro. Magnetplates, a chase parachute and more.

The independence paragliding rucksack is comfortable to carry, yet offering huge capacity.