Pilot Alpin

light tandem harness

The new harness Pilot Alpin is significantly light, yet comfortable. Pilot Alpin comes with a Y-bridle (210cm) and one selectable protector Connect Pro or Connect Air.

Accordingly independence offers suitable passenger harnesses in its product range: Passenger, Junior and Slope.

Optimal legroom and visibility

The design of the leg loops and the elevated seat give the tandem pilot behind the passenger optimum legroom and visibility.

easily accessible rescue

The rescuer handle is also in an ergonomically optimal position.

Protector combinable

The Pilot Alpin includes a pair of V-lines (210 cm) and either a Connect Pro or Connect Air protector. Both protectors also fit conveniently to the harness Hike. A change is easy and fast from the hand, because it is simply hooked in and fastened with Velcro fixings.
The protector Connect Pro weighs 890 g and the airbag Connect Air weighs 390 g.

lots of practical details

Das Gurtzeug punktet mit durchdachten Details: farblich markierte Herausfallsicherung, individuelle Einstellmöglichkeiten der Sitzposition im Unisize-Gurtzeug mit großem Verstellbereich, praktische Taschen für notwendige Dinge im Zugriff ...

  • Excellent seating comfort
  • Unisized harness with many adjustments
  • Very low weight of only 2,2kg with airbag protector
  • Small packed measure
  • Individual adjustments for seating position
  • Deployment bag with release handle (can be mounted on either side)
  • Integrated rescue parachute container
  • Colour-coordinated drop-out safeguard
  • Available in 2 colour combinations: Black and Red / Black and Blue
Body height 160 - 195 cm
Max. load 120 kg
Harness weight 1,8 kg
Weight protector Connect Air 390g
Weight protector Connect Pro 890g
Suspension height 38 cm
Certfied according to EN1651
With protector certified acc. to EN1651 & LTF 91/09