Fully controllable reserve

The new reserve Control is our first fully controllable rescue system. It is made especially for pilots who are familar with the functioning of controllable reserves. Less experienced pilots will surely prefer the reserve Trigon. High controllability, a good glide ratio as well as an extremely low sink rate are unbeatable advantages of this rescue parachute.

The rescue parachute Control is a reserve based on the principle of a Rogallo.

  • Very fast opening
  • Extremely low sink rate (in some cases significantly below 3 m/s)
  • Very stable
  • Fabric colour: orange
  • Certified acc. to LTF 91/09 and EN 12491
  • Suitable for experienced pilots who are familar with the function of controllable reserves
  • Not suitable for hang-gliders
Reserve Surface m² max. load (kg) Sink rate at max. load (brake activated) Weight
Control 130 41 130 <4 m/s 1840 g

Suitable products and accessory for this reserve

The front container Multi is suitable for almost every reserve. It allows to pack the rescue parachute very compactly.

The independence packing kit contains everything you need to re-pack your rescue parachute.

A handy, quickly deployable rescue knife for emergency cases, which make it necessary to cut the lines.