XC intermediate with performance and fun potential

Compared to its predecessor, the Geronimo³ has been completely revised in terms of material and design. It perfectly combines high glide performance and speed potential with fine, first-class handling. Built with lightweight and exceptionally robust materials.

High-performance XC intermediate

Excellent starting characteristics

Clear line setup, minimized line resistance

New colorful design

  • Powerful XC intermediate
  • Efficient, clear risers with 3 levels
  • Weight optimized design
  • Compared to the predecessor significantly reduced line resistance and clear line setup
  • Extremely high profile fidelity, especially in the upper speed range due to reinforced plastic rods in the leading edge
  • Mini ribs on the trailing edge
  • Excellent launching characteristics
  • Newly developed, lightweight Dominico D20 fabric with double coating
Size XS 23 S 25 M 27 L 29,5
cells 59 59 59 59
Surface measure (m²) 23 25 27 29
surface projected (m²) 19,4 21,1 22,8 24,9
wing-span (m) 11,45 11,94 12,41 12,97
aspect ratio 5,7 5,7 5,7 5,7
weight(kg) 4,6 5,0 5,3 5,5
trim speed (km/h) 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1
max. speed (km/h) 52 +/- 2 52 +/- 2 52 +/- 2 52 +/- 2
weight range (kg) 55 - 85 65 - 95 80 - 110 95 - 125
Recommended weight range 60 - 80 70 - 90 85 - 105 100 - 120

Admission category (EN und LTF)

upper cavas Dominico 20D double coated soft finish
lower cavas Dominico 20D double coated soft finish
profile Dominico 30D FM hard finish
diagonal ribs Dominico 20D FM hard finish
lines Liros PPSLS: 200/125 (lower lines)
Edelrid Technora 8000: 135/090/070 (middle line cascade)
Edelrid Technora 8000: 090/070/050 (top line cascade)
Liros Dyneema DSL-70 (brake)
Edelrid Dyneema 10/N200 (steering line)
line locks Maillon Rapide inox 3,5 mm

Manuals & Certifications


The Geronimo3 is designed for the transitioner within category B or the ambitious intermediate from category A. It offers an easy to fly, very high performance potential with large safety reserves. If you are looking for excellent performance for longer cross-country flights with sensitive handling, the Geronimo3 is the right choice.

The Geronimo is a B-class high-level glider with easy take-off behavior. It shows a sensitive, easy handling as well as an excellent climb behavior and is therefore the ideal companion for cross-country flights or thermal fun on the flying mountain.

The Geronimo³ has a great feel-good factor! You can enjoy this right after takeoff when you turn into the first thermal. It converts every lift into altitude without delay. Thanks to the precise and fine handling, even very small thermals can be centered and turned out. Thanks to the outstanding glide performance, the high top speed and the manageable extreme flight behavior, the Geronimo3 is, like its predecessor, a cross-country fighter with which you can glide elegantly in over the landing field after a successful XC day.

The Geronimo³ has a very large approved weight range. This allows you to individually select the optimal wing loading depending on the preferred flying terrain. While it is often advantageous in the flatlands to fly with "one square meter" more for a little less sink, a higher wing loading and a higher top speed is often advantageous in alpine flying terrain. As a rule, however, you can fly optimally in all conditions if you stay within the weight range we recommend.

The requirements for a B-class unit are significantly higher than for a C-class unit. For example, longer control paths up to the stall and more benign folding/unfolding behavior are clear differentiation criteria between the two classes. This also means significantly lower dynamics in the B-class. Other test flight maneuvers even skip the "B" classification right from "A" to "C".
For flight practice with the Geronimo3, this means a significantly higher feel-good factor under the paraglider.

With weight shift and control line use in the upper range, the Geronimo3 turns flat and takes every climb with it. Fine as a high performer with only a small amount of effort, the Geronimo3 responds to small control corrections. In tight, stronger thermals, the wing can be precisely centered with more lean, while not levering out of the thermal beard.

Flying the steep spiral is the parade maneuver! High sink rates are quickly reached. Nevertheless, the wing remains well controllable and does not show any tendency to turn on its own.

For the Geronimo3, materials were chosen that represent an optimal compromise between weight, durability and robustness. All materials are supplied exclusively by world-leading manufacturers, with whom we have been associated for many years and work closely together in development.

This is the guarantee that your enjoyment of the Geronimo3 will be as great after years as on the first day.

A detailed list of materials can be found under "Technical data".

Lines & accessory for this paraglider

  • Extremely light XC harness
  • Simple opening of speed bag
  • Light rescue parachute for heavy total load
  • Very low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Very light parachute for huge total load
  • Extremely low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Light reserve for high load, very low sink rate
  • Contrallability can be activated

The independence protect bag is made to gently store your glider.

The independence paragliding rucksack is comfortable to carry, yet offering huge capacity.

It is very simple to re-order line for your independence paraglider, when using the lines service provided in our online store.