Tough tests

for secure equipment

Each prototype is being tested comprehensively by experienced pilots before serial production starts.

Test schedules

All our gliders undergo tough test schedules, which contain all elements carried out later on during LTF test flights:

  • fullstall
  • spin
  • twist
  • frontale collapse
  • asymmetric collapse
  • parachutal stall etc.

Additionally our test pilots carry out test elements, which aren't part of certification flights. Such as SAT capability or loops. There's nothing left to chance!

During test flights every glider is photographed from different perspectives in order to control its optical appearance.

Trimming the glider

During test stage we trim every glider. That means that we emend the line plan and vary the length of lines. Adjustments of the profile are rarely necessary. In order to trim the glider, we knot the galleries' lines differently and try out the result of each adjustment. The final trim that we use for production is achieved by a whole series of flights.

The test pilot's influence

Our test pilots have key influence on the whole process of glider and parachute development. They determine how to construe characteristics and handling of a glider. These two factors are important not only for a single model but nedd to be continuous throughout the whole range of gliders, in order to achieve constant handling for upgrading pilots.

At independence we focus on smooth handling and nevertheless a well defined brake pressure. The performance of our gliders always is highly competitive.