sturdy single skin

Tensing, a light and sturdy single skin paraglider, is an ideal companion for mountaineers not only because of its little packed volume and weight. On the one hand it opens up completely new prospects for pilots, such as the combination of climbing and paragliding. And on the other hand its conception makes it exceptionally well steerable when flying without seatboard. Moreover it is an excellent wing for thermal flying and soaring.

Extremely easy to start ...

... even under difficult conditions.

fast and agile

With a base speed of about 38 km/h, Tensing is a very fast and agile glider.

stable flight behavior

Due to its low canopy weight, small volume and the conception of its strut, Tensing additionally reveals outstanding stable flight characteristics.

ideal for soaring

Tensing shows a good gliding performance, which already comes close the gliding performance of a conventional paraglider. Flying thermals with this agile single skin is really fun! The fact that this wing can make the most of upwinds and that it is extremely easy to launch, makes it an ideal category B glider for soaring too.

  • Sturdy Domenico 20D fabric
  • Sheathed lower lines
  • Extremely stable
  • Trim speed 38km/h
  • Smooth accelerator
  • 15mm risers
  • Remarkable gliding performance
  • Launch aid hooks
  • Perfect price-performance ratio
Size 17 20 23
Cells 39 39 39
flat surface area m² 17 20 23
flat span m 9,44 10,06 10,98
flat aspect ratio 5,24 5,24 5,24
projected surface area m² 14,23 16,17 19,25
projected span m 7,38 7,87 8,59
projected aspect ratio 3,83 3,83 3,83
weight kg 1,9 2,1 2,3
take-off weight kg 65-90 70-100 90-120
Certified according to EN/LTF B EN/LTF B EN/LTF B
Subject to change without notice.

Lines & accessory for this paraglider

  • Extremely light reversible harness
  • Adjustable, broad hipbelt
  • Light, comfortable reversible harness with optimised airbag
  • Large rucksack volume
  • All-round harness with one or two reserve containers
  • Excellent control, perfect brace support
  • Very light parachute for huge total load
  • Extremely low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Light reserve for high load, very low sink rate
  • Contrallability can be activated

The independence protect bag is made to gently store your glider.