Previous paragliders

Below we list previous paragliders, which are nor part of the current product range anymore, because there are already successors of these models available. The list is made for everyone, who wants to look up the technical data, download certification files etc.

Downloads for older models, which aren't listed below, are to be found in the service area.

  • Tandem paraglider – fun for two
  • (Not only) for professional tandem pilots
  • Paraglider for beginners (class LTF/EN A)
  • Simple to assort lines (less lines concept)
  • Beginners' glider LTF/EN A
  • Safety & variable performance
  • Certified according to LTF/EN A
  • For beginners and performance-oriented pleasure pilots
  • High performance wing – class C
  • For routined XC-pilots & pilots upgrading from class B
  • Serial high performance within class D
  • For performance-oriented pilots & competing XC-pilots
  • Tandem paraglider – fun for two
  • Providing handling performance like a solo wing
  • High-Level LTF/EN B
  • Weight optimised XC intermediate
  • toller Hochleister in der Klasse LTF/EN B
  • signifikantes Leistungsspektrum beim Thermikfliegen