Tandem paraglider

Share your enjoyment of flying - fun for 2!
A tandem glider, which comes up with handling and performance of a solo wing. Duett is a paraglider not only made for commercial tandem pilots, but also for leisure pilots, who want to share the experience and enjoyment of flying.

  • Modern wing design - developed with an inventive software, initiated by independence
  • Less lines concept: only 3 risers per side and 2 lower lines per carrying strap make it easy to assort lines and additionally reduce the air drag
  • Precise diagonal ribs for best aerodynamic performance
  • Nylon rods for weight reduction and high shape constancy
  • Effective trimmer
  • White lower canvas as ideal basis for advert application
  • We only use high grade material of renowned manufacturers for our wings
  • Accurate production in one of the most advanced manufacturing plants
Size M
cells 52
surface measure (m²) 40,5
surface projected (m²) 34,49
wing-span (m) 14,65
aspect ratio 5,3
trim speed (km/h) 40 +/- 2
max. speed (km/h) 48 +/- 2
weight range (kg) 150 - 230
certification category (EN and LTF) B
upper canvas Dominico 30D soft finish
lower canvas Dominico 20D soft finish
profile Dominico 30D FM hard finish
diagonal ribs Dominico 30D FM hard finish
lines Edelrid Technora 7343: 420/340/280/230 (lower lines)
Edelrid Technora 7343: 280/230/190/140/090 (middle cascade)
Edelrid Dyneema 7850: 130 (top cascade A/B)
Edelrid Technora 7343: 140 (top cascade A/B/C/D)
Edelrid Dyneema 7850: 100 (brake: top cascade)
Edelrid Dyneema 7850: 130 (brake: middle cascade)
Edelrid Dyneema 10/N300 (steering line)
line locks Maillon Rapide inox 3,5 mm


Duett has distinct self-stabilising flight characteristics, which make take-offs, especially for professional use with unexperienced passengers easier.

Its handling is comparable to the handling of solo wings: well modulated, smooth and effortless. The wing is easy to centre - in light as well as in hard, disrupted thermal. An advantage, easily recognisable in gained altitude.

In order to cover a huge weight range, Duett does have a trimmer, which makes it possible to accelerate even during distance flights at high gliding performance. Particularly its landing characteristics make this tandem paraglider easy to handle, due to its brake modulation and canopy geometry. Even in calms and with high passenger weight, landing with Duett is easy-going.

Its particular facile take-off handling even starts with easy lines assorting. Only 8,4kg weight of its canopy, combined with shape-stable nylon rods in the leading edge, make it easy to launch Duett.

Often tandem paragliders are promoted to have a smooth handling - often wrongly. With Duett we achieved a tandem glider with a handling comparable to a solo wing. Its handling is well-responding and efficient brake attitude at thermal flying. There's no time lag when initiating spirals and sinking is subtly controllable and adjustable.

An optimised strain calculation rendered with our new software attained an accurately defined canopy, resulting in higher aerodynamic quality for the whole wing.

Not visible from the outside, changes on the inside of the canopy reduced more than 1kg weight, compared to preceeding model Galaxy. The aspect ratio has been moderately increased by 0,1 points and remaining number of cells. Nylon rods in the leading edge result in weight reduction and higher shape constancy.

Improved lines geometry allows less overall lines dimension, thus provides less air drag and more performance capability – without any losses regarding stability or safety.

For Duett we have chosen durable, robust Dominico D30 fabric for long-time use. Every material we use is mady by leading manufacturers, whom we have been working and cooperating with in development issues for many years. A solid basis for high quality and for your long lasting enjoyment of flying Duett.

For a detailed chart on material used please look at the chapter „technical data“.

Lines & accessory for this paraglider

  • Light harness for tandem paragliding
  • Construed for best possible moving space
  • Very light tandem passenger harness
  • With foam protector

G-force brake parachute is made to reduce physical stress when flying spirals. It needs to be attached to your harness.

  • Light rescue parachute for heavy total load
  • Very low sink rate, very fast opening
  • The world's lightest tandem reserve, LTF/EN certification
  • Extremely low sink rate, very fast opening

It is very simple to re-order line for your independence paraglider, when using the lines service provided in our online store.