G-Force Brake

brake parachute

G-force brake is a brake parachute attached to the harness. It was developed to reduce physical stress when flying spirals. During spiralling huge G-forces impact on the body, so that is not possible to fly this task for a long time. Dizziness, nausea and even blackouts can occur. With G-force brake that risk can efficiently be reduced.

G-force brake reduces the impact of G-forces on the body of up to 40%. The brake parachute reduces the amount of turns at constant sink rate. Due to its additional drag the pilot is pulled a bit behind compared to spiralling without brake parachute. Thus the glider canopy has a steeper angle towards ground and reduce altitude more efficiently.

G-force brake is particularly suited for high performance gliders with efficient aerodynamic characteristics and as well for tandem purposes.

Questions & answers

As G-force break can be attached to the main carabiner, it can be used with every available harness.

G-force brake is to be attached to the main carabiner at the inside of the turn. Spiralling to the left, the G-force brake container needs to be attached on the left. Its connector line needs to be hooked into the main carabiner at this side.

In order to avoid accidental deployment it is advisable to always attach the G-force brake opposite to the rescue system handle. Using it for tandem paragliding it can be attached to the T-bar instead of attaching it to the harness.

G-force brake is to be deployed already during straight flight by using the release handle (just like the handle for rescue parachutes). G-force brake must never be deployed when flying spirals!!!

No, but it needs to be collapsed. For that purpose G-force brake has a handle attached to the V-bridle. By pulling the handle, the middle line of the brake parachute is being shortened, thus it is forced to collapse and reduce the drag.
Attention: take care that G-force brake does not stick to trees or anything else during landing.

It's not advisable to reel in G-force brake during flight, as it could deploy again and disturb the pilot.

We have flown many tests with G-force brake to check its behaviour. During straight flight G-force brake, due to its small size, can not build up enough air drag to significantly affect the gliding angle.
Attention: G-force brake was not construed fur such purposed and may not be diverted from its intended use.

All our tests have shown, that it does have almost no influence towards folding stability or stall point, because G-force brake is attached to the main carabiner of the harness.

Using the brake parachute can, dependant on trim speed, turn the harness asymmetrically out of its position.

G-force brake can easily be folded as described in the according manual.