Passenger Pro

Light passenger harness

Our Passenger series are very light tandem harnesses for passengers and have been developed particularly for commercial tandem pilots. This one size harness is suitable for passengers with a body height from 150 to 190cm and is available either with foam or airbag protector.

Large adjustments range

The Passenger Pro is designed as a unisize harness for passengers from 150 to 190 cm tall and is therefore equipped with extensive adjustment options so that it always fits perfectly.

integrated vario holder

The pannier has an integrated vario holder so that the pilot has a good view of the flight data at all times.

Fall-out protection

The chest strap is equipped with fall-out protection.

light weight, small pack size

The Passenger Pro can be packed very small and has a very low weight. The seat board in honeycomb construction is also particularly light.

Replaceable bottom

The bottom of the harness is made of durable PVC fabric and replaceable.

  • Very high mobility on the ground
  • Low weight of only 2.8 kg
  • Minimised adjustment options for easy operation
  • Colour-coded leg and chest strap buckles
  • Integrated, visually striking fall-out protection
  • Large, easily accessible pannier
  • Very lightweight, pre-moulded plastic seat board
  • Storage compartments accessible in flight
  • With replaceable PVC fabric on the underside
Passenger Pro
body height 150 - 190 cm
max clip in weight 120 kg
harness weight 2,8 kg
suspension height 51 cm
seat board size (width/length) 36 cm x 36 cm
certification EN1651 & LTF 91/09
fabric Ripstop Nylon 210 & Cordura
belts 25 & 40 mm Polyester
leg and chest buckles AustriAlpin Cobra
Carabiner Edelrid Alias


Often passengers are looking for support during take-offs. The retaining straps placed next to the main suspension, allow passengers to get hold of something, thus provide a feeling of safety. Additonally it makes it easier for passengers, to find a suitable seating position.

Yes, it protects the spine from axial compression. Behind the passenger there's the pilot protecting the passenger's back part. Thus the pilot is provided with ideal seating comfort, especially when using a soft spreader.

The protection provided by both, airbag as well as foam protector, is adequate. For commercial tandem pilots we clearly advise to use the foam protector, because it is more robust against damages caused by "bottom landings". And its bottom is reinforced with replaceable PVC.

Suitable products and accessory for this harness

  • Tandem paraglider: perfect launch & flare characterstics
  • (Not only) for professional tandem pilots
  • The world's lightest tandem reserve, LTF/EN certification
  • Extremely low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Light rescue parachute for heavy total load
  • Very low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Light harness for tandem paragliding
  • Construed for best possible moving space

G-force brake parachute is made to reduce physical stress when flying spirals. It needs to be attached to your harness.

  • The new airborne sports helmet Hi-Tec
  • Certified according to EN 966 HPG

The independence paragliding rucksack is comfortable to carry, yet offering huge capacity.