performance for beginners

Our "high performance" wing within class A. Now available in new design!
Pioneer is a glider for casual pilots. Due to our less lines concept for Pioneer, we have been able to reduce air drag considerably. Its incredible gliding performance doesn't need to fear the comparison with paragliders certified for higher classes. Pioneer is designed for ambitious and talented pilot trainees as well as safety-conscious pilots, who rather go for stress-free flights, yet require performance.

  • Flexible, break-resistant little synthetic rods within leading edge, that are easily replaceable
  • Modern wing design - developed with an inventive software, which we initiated
  • Less lines concept: only 3 risers per side and 2 lower lines per carrying strap make it easy to assort lines and additionally reduce the air drag
  • High aspect ratio of 5,1
  • Precise diagonal ribs for best aerodynamic performance
  • Clearly labelled risers
  • We only use high grade material of renowned manufacturers for our wings
  • Accurate production in one of the most advanced manufacturing plants
Size XS S M L XL
cells 46 46 46 46 46
surface measure (m²) 23 25 27 29 31
surface projected (m²) 19,27 20,95 22,62 24,3 25,97
wing-span projected (m) 10,84 11,29 11,74 12,16 12,57
aspect ratio 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1
trim speed (km/h) 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1
max. speed (km/h)) 49 +/- 2 49 +/- 2 49 +/- 2 49 +/- 2 49 +/- 2
weight range (kg) 60* - 75 60 - 85 80 - 105 90 - 115 110 - 135
certification category (EN and LTF) A A A A A

* LTF/EN certified weight range. Restricted due to missing test capabilities of licensing office for less take-off weight! Technical minimum weight is 55kg.

Upper canvas Dominico 30D soft finish
Lower canvas Dominico 30D soft finish
Profile Dominico 30D FM hard finish
Diagonal ribs Dominico 30D FM hard finish
Lines Edelrid Technora 7343: 280/230 (lower lines)
Edelrid Dyneema 7850: 160/130 (middle line cascade)
Edelrid Dyneema 7850: 100 (top cascade A/B)
Edelrid Technora 6843: 080 (top cascade C/D)
Liros Dyneema DSL-70 (brake, top and middle cascade)
Liros Dyneema PPSL120: 100 (brake, lower cascade)
Edelrid Dyneema 10/N300 (steer-line)
line locks Maillon Rapide inox 3,5 mm


You can rely on Pioneer even when practicing your first flights. Pioneer does meet all requirements of class A in EN/LTF certification, thus is suited for schooling purposes. Due to its high performance it should be used only at flat practising slopes. That's why Pioneer oftens is used only from A-license schooling onwards.

Pioneer is a multi-purpose glider - it is certified according to EN/LTF A, yet comes up with high performance and a aspect ratio of 5,1! Our design team developed a new profile, which was applied to a paragliding wing for the first time, when we manufactured prototypes for Pioneer. Using only 3 line levels reduces not only the number of lines, but accordingly the air drag. Many test flights and quite some prototypes were necessary to combine such a performance with characteristics, that meet class A requirements.

Due to ideal construction and realisation of various parameters of lines geometry and wing, as well as low weight and its little synthetic rods used in the leading edge, Pioneer is a glider, that can be launched effortless, evenly and without any time lag.

For quite a while! Due to its wide speed range and high gliding performance, Pioneer is comparable with low-end B-class gliders, yet meets safety requirements of class A.
Its subtly nuanced handling and well responding canopy make it possible to use Pioneer for your first cross country flights - safe and easy to handle!

Thus Pioneer is the ideal glider to performance and safety oriented pilots.

Immediate, yet fault-tolerant, due to its low stall-point. As the handling of a glider is the alpha and omega of a glider's characteristics, we spend a huge part of our development effort on it. A well modulated handling is characterised by a wing easily controllable in a thermal and subtly adjustable slopes when circling in upcurrent.

For Pioneer we have chosen material, which offered an ideal compromise on weight reduction, durability and robustness. Every material we use is mady by leading manufacturers, whom we have been working and cooperating with in development issues for many years. A solid basis for high quality and for your long lasting enjoyment of flying Pioneer.

A detailed chart on material can be seen under „technical data“.

Lines & accessory for this paraglider

  • Aerodynamically optimised all-round harness
  • Friction-reduced accelerator slide
  • Light harness for beginners
  • Integrated rescue parachute container
  • Light rescue parachute for heavy total load
  • Very low sink rate, very fast opening

The independence protect bag is made to gently store your glider.

Towing device SK2 with integrated towing support.

It is very simple to re-order line for your independence paraglider, when using the lines service provided in our online store.