Matador XC

sporty harness

Matador XC is a universal and sportive harness, which can be used either with or without speed bag. No matter if you rather fly in an upright position or almost lying, the low suspension height provides ideal wing feedback and additionally mobility.

Using Matador XC for long distance flights, one of the details you are going to appreciate, are its pockets, which are accessible during flight.

mountable leg bag

The optional leg bag, which can be mounted in just a few steps and is adjustable in a variety of ways, enables warm flights even in cold weather.

combined chest and leg buckle

The innovative leg strap concept with only one combined chest and leg buckle, together with the variable ABS system, allows optimal adjustment of the canopy feedback.

Extremely comfortable

With a new shape that relieves pressure on the back, the Matador XC has both overwhelming comfort and back support.

  • Excellent seating comfort achieved due to newly designed back part
  • Easy to assemble and light speed bag (optional)
  • Integrated Cockpit
  • Aerodynamic silhouette
  • Low weight of 4,2kg (size M)
  • Many adjustments for seating position
  • Fixture for a stirrup
  • Integrated rescue parachute container
  • Deployment bag with release handle
  • Inventive belt locks
  • Large pocket
  • Very light-weight, formfitting honeycomb seat board
  • Long foam protector reaching up the back
  • Many accessible storage possibilities
Size Small Medium Large
body height 150 - 165 cm 160 - 180 cm 175 - 195 cm
max. load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
harness weight 4,0 kg 4,2 kg 4,4 kg
speed bag weight M / L 0,69 /0,72 kg 0,69 /0,72 kg 0,69 /0,72 kg
suspension height 47 cm 47 cm 47 cm
seat board size (width front/rear x length) 33/38 cm x 36 cm 33/38 cm x 36 cm 33/38 cm x 36 cm
certification EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09

The sizes given only are references, as the individually suitable size differs according to physique and personal preferences. There are 2 speed bag sizes available, which can be used for every harness size.

fabric Ripstop Nylon 210 & Cordura
risers 25 mm Polyester
leg and chest closures AustriAlpin Cobra
carabiner Finsterwalder Snap Lock
idley pulley AustriAlpin
seat board synthetic; honeycomb design

Suitable products and accessory for this harness

  • Light rescue parachute for heavy total load
  • Very low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Very light parachute for huge total load
  • Extremely low sink rate, very fast opening

G-force brake parachute is made to reduce physical stress when flying spirals. It needs to be attached to your harness.

Various holders for action cams such as GoPro. Magnetplates, a chase parachute and more.

Towing device SK2 with integrated towing support.

The independence packing kit contains everything you need to re-pack your rescue parachute.