– fun for two!

You love to share the enjoyment of flying? These are the gliders, harnesses, rescue parachutes and accessory parts we have made especially for you and your passengers.

  • Tandem paraglider: perfect launch & flare characterstics
  • (Not only) for professional tandem pilots
  • Light harness for tandem paragliding
  • Construed for best possible moving space
  • Very light tandem passenger harness
  • With foam protector
  • Multifunctional light harness
  • For groundhandling, beginners slope or for passengers
  • Bi-place passenger harness for the young generation
  • LTF and EN certified
  • Lightweight yet comfortable
  • Excellent seating comfort, with airbag protector
  • Light rescue parachute for huge total load
  • Low sink rate
  • Light rescue parachute for heavy total load
  • Very low sink rate, very fast opening
  • The world's lightest tandem reserve, LTF/EN certification
  • Extremely low sink rate, very fast opening
  • Tandem suspension with two different fixing height for the passenger harness
  • Including a V-bridle

G-force brake parachute is made to reduce physical stress when flying spirals. It needs to be attached to your harness.

The independence protect bag is made to gently store your glider.