Equipment for

... and paragliding schools

Following gliders harnesses, rescue parachutes, and accessory are made especially for beginners respectively paragliding schools. We offer special schooling sets, by the way. Simply contact us if you're interested.

  • Beginners wing class LTF/EN A
  • Paramotor wing acc. DIN 79018
  • High-End beginner's glider LTF/EN A
  • For relaxed cross-country flights
  • Practise your ground handling & improve your starting
  • This specific wing is not certified, of course
  • The first Single Skin for beginners
  • Low weight, suited for Hike & Fly
  • First single skin for practising ground handling
  • Light harness for beginners
  • Integrated rescue parachute container
  • Multifunctional light harness
  • For groundhandling, beginners slope or for passengers
  • For ground handling-, schooling or tandem passengers
  • Robust, replaceable PVC at bottom side
  • Light rescue parachute for mid-range total load
  • Low sink rate
  • Light rescue parachute for huge total load
  • Low sink rate
  • Favourable, light reserve for heavy total load
  • Cruciform parachute, fast opening, pendulum stable
  • The new airborne sports helmet Hi-Tec
  • Certified according to EN 966 HPG

You hardly just landed, when your glider is already packed and on the way to another take-off

The independence protect bag is made to gently store your glider.