Harness X-Pro

X-Pro is a sportive, light-weight harness for thermal flying as well as ambitious cross-country pilots. Due to its formfitting seat shell and its aerodynamic silhouette, it ideally combines seat comfort with low air drag. Many little details of X-Pro make it a first choice harness for cross-country flights.

Harness X-Pro


The geometry of X-Pro is construed for dynamic flying and is suitable for different purposes. Individual adjustments for seat and back enable the pilot to quickly find his ideal seating position. A novel is the friction-reduced accelerator slide - fatigue-proof acceleration even at long distance flights.


  • Excellent seating comfort
  • Aerodynamic silhouette
  • Low weight of 4,1kg (size M)
  • Many adjustments for seat and back
  • Friction-reduced accelerator slide
  • Fixture for a stirrup
  • Integrated rescue parachute container
  • Deployment bag with release handle
  • Get-Up belt lock system
  • Large pocket
  • Very light-weight, formfitting honeycomb seat board
  • Long foam protector reaching up the back
  • Many accessible storage possibilities
  • Magnet holder for speed bar

Technical data

Size Small Medium Large
body height 150 - 165 cm 160 - 180 cm 175 - 195 cm
max. load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
harness weight 3,8 kg 4,1 kg 4,3 kg
suspension height 42 cm 46 cm 49 cm
seat board size (width/length) 34 cm x 38 cm 36 cm x 40 cm 38 cm x 42 cm
certification EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09

The sizes given only are references, as the individually suitable size differs according to physique and personal preferences.

fabric Ripstop Nylon 210 & Cordura
risers 25 mm Polyester
leg and chest closures AustriAlpin Cobra
carabiner Finsterwalder Snap Lock
idler pulley AustriAlpin
seat board synthetic; honeycomb design


For which purposes has X-Pro been designed?

X-Pro is designed for thermal flying as well as cross-country flying. It is made for pilots who appreciate high seating comfort, ideal aerodynamic charcteristics and a subtly nuanced wing feedback.

How does the friction-reduced accelerator slide work?

When developing X-Pro we used a completely new system of sleeves and slide holes. At the edge of the seat board the line for the speed system is taken up by a friction-reduced sleeve. Then, at low bending radius the line is conducted towards idley pulley at the rear of the seat board.

Has the protector's impact been reduced for the aerodynamic silhouette of X-Pro?

No. X-Pro comes with a 17cm foam protector reaching up the back. The deceleration values achieved at certification tests with X-Pro even are pretty good!

Is it possible to fix a stirrup to X-Pro?

X-Pro has two seperate D-rings to attach a stirrup. The stirrup together with the accelerator can be fixed at the seat edge during take-off.

X-Pro comes with a Get-Up system (combined leg and chest loops). Isn't that uncomfortable for men during take-off and landing?

No! We have taken utmost care about that topic and designed it to be absolutely comfortable to wear. During take-off and landing the leg loops adhere closely to the thighs due to their well-thoughtout positioning.  Additionally the leg belts are covered with soft neoprene.

Can I integrate my rescue parachute into the provided deployment bag with release handle?

Yes. The deployment bag meets the current LTF requirements, thus is compatible with all common rescue systems (annular and cruciform parachutes).

Does it affect the foam protector's impact, if I fold up X-Pro densely?

No. Even if you fold the harness compactly in order to pack it into a pack sack, the foam is going to unfold itself quickly within seconds. Only at very low temperatures it might take a bit longer to unfold properly.

If you don't use X-Pro for a long period of time, it is advisable to store the harness unfolded and not to leave it in your pack sack.


Suitable products and accessory for this harness


Adjustable stirrup that can be attached to your harness. Made for comfortable seating.