Looping is a light reversible harness, comfortable and fully-fledged. Its novel reverse system separates the rucksack completely from the airbag protector, which on one hand keeps the protector from damages during transport. And on the other hand it once more improved the large and comfortable rucksack. Additionally the airbag protector has an excellent deceleration rate.

Reversible harness Looping


Looping at „rucksack mode“ is enlarged by an expansion pocket, while at „harness mode“ that flexible material tightens the harness back part aerodynamically.

That smart reverse system design separates rucksack and protector completely, for the first time ever. Up to now this part of a reversible harness had always been rucksack and airbag protector at the same time – thus was exposed to possible damages during transport. Despite its outstanding unique feature weighs only 3.7 kg at size M. And the airbag protector has a deceleration rate of less than 20 g – the best result we ever achieved.

Looping is equipped with conventional webbing and a T-Lock buckle.

Looping provides an ideal, uncommitted seating position, rendered possible by its newly designed main suspension. Combined with individual adjustment of shoulder and back part, every pilot is going to find a seating position, which ideally suits him. The geometry of Looping meets the demands of ambitious thermal pilots and of hike & fly pilots, providing an outstanding canopy feedback!


  • Integrated reserve container, which efficiently protects the reserve from harmful external factors
  • Deployment bag with integrated handle
  • Extremely sturdy fabric on the bottom
  • Many pockets accessible during flight
  • Ergonomic back part providing perfect brace support
  • Providing good movement space on the ground
  • Cobra buckles by AustriAlpin
  • Buckles without self-adjustment during flight
  • Colour-coordinated suspension points
  • Friction-reduced accelerator slide
  • Very light, formfitting synthetic seat board
  • Optionally available with carbon seat board

Technical data

Size Small Medium Large
body height 155 - 170 cm 160 - 185 cm 175 - 195 cm
max. load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
harness weight 3,5 kg 3,7 kg 3,9 kg
suspension height 40 cm 42 cm 44 cm
seat board size (width front/rear x length) 36 cm x 36 cm 38 cm x 38 cm 38 cm x 38 cm
certification EN1651/LTF 91/09 EN1651/LTF 91/09 EN1651/LTF 91/09

The sizes given only are references, as the individually suitable size differs according to physique and personal preferences.



How large is the rucksack capacity of Looping?

The rucksack capacity of Looping is large enough to carry the whole equipment (paraglider, harness, clothes, etc.).

I would like to use Looping not only for hike & fly tours - is it a fully-fledged harness?

Yes, absolutely. Regarding comfort and flight characteristics Looping is a reversible harness, which absolutely keeps up with the attributes of common harnesses. It is comfortable, has an airbag protector and many useful well-thoughtout details.

Do I need to handle a reversible harness with more care than a common harness?

In general reversible harnesses need to be handled slighty more careful, yes. As the rucksack of a reversible harness is at the same time part of the airbag protector, you should take care of it in order not to damage the airbag during transport (cableway, airport etc.).

But Looping BLUE / GREEN has a reverse system that separates rucksack and protector, which already helps to keep the protector from damages during transport.

Can I integrate my rescue parachute into the provided deployment bag with release handle?

Yes. The deployment bag meets current LTF requirements, thus is compatible with all common rescue systems (annular and cruciform parachutes).

Does the airbag already have a protecting function during take-off run?

The airbag protector of Looping fills up very quickly, thus provides protection already during take-off run. In order to optimise that protection, you can pre-fill the airbag simply by shaking it up before take-off.


Suitable products and accessory for this harness


Adjustable stirrup that can be attached to your harness. Made for comfortable seating.