independence harness Freestyle

Freestyle is a very light all-round harness, which meets the needs of ambitious thermal pilots as well as the needs of free style pilots who are keen on acro flying. This harness is available either with one or with two reserve containers.

Harness Freestyle One / Freestyle Two


  • Available with one respectively two reserve containers
  • Stiff back with perfect brace support
  • Providing good movement space on the ground
  • Very low weight (4,3 kg at Size M Freestyle TWO)
  • Colour-coordinated leg and chest closures
  • Friction-reduced accelerator pocket
  • Very light, formfitting synthetic seat board
  • Magnet holder for speed bar
  • Freestyle ONE incl. Edelrid Alias carabiner
  • Freestyle TWO incl. AustriAlpin Powerfly carabiner

Technical data

  Small Medium Large
Body height 155 – 170cm 160 - 185cm 175cm - 195cm
Max load 120 daN 120 daN 120 daN
Harness weight 4,1 kg 4,3 kg 4,5 kg
Suspension height 42 cm 44 cm 46 cm
Seat board size (w x l) 34 cm x 36 cm 35 cm x 38 cm 35 cm x 38 cm

Foamed plastic

Foamed plastic Foamed plastic

The sizes given only are references, as the individually suitable size differs according to physique and personal preferences.


Questions & Answers

For which purposes has Freestyle been designed?

Freestyle One is made for ambitious beginners as well as thermal pilots, while Freestyle Two is mede to meet the needs of free style pilots, who are keen on speed flying.

Does Freestyle provide sufficient canopy feedback?

Freestyle has a well-balanced suspension height as well as a stiff back, which provides excellent brace support and seating sentiment. Thus it transmits every input coming from the canopy.

Is it possible to mount my reserve into the integrated deployment bags with release handle?

Yes. The integrated container corresponds with the latest LTF specifications and is compatible with all common rescue systems (annular and cruciform reserves). Freestyle Two comes up with two deployment bags.

Which rescue parachute size matches with the harness Freestyle?

For Freestyle there are two deployment bag sizes available. Thus all common rescue prachute wit a volume from 2800 up to 6500ccm fit into the harness. The left side container of Freestyle Two is smaller and made for a capacity of up to 4600ccm.


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