Material and quality

for rescue equipment from independence

Our customers' demands on reserves are justifiably high, because after all, rescue systems have to save lives in an emergency!

In addition to a lot of heart and soul that goes into development and precise manufacturing, the selection of materials is a very decisive criterion that separates the wheat from the chaff.

The raw materials we use always come from renowned companies that can guarantee us the best possible quality.

How can you tell the difference in quality?

At first glance, unfortunately, not at all.

For example, we only use uncoated nylon ripstop fabric in our rescue systems. In order to achieve the necessary air impermeability, our cloths then undergo a complex and correspondingly expensive thermomechanical hot calendering process several times. But the advantage of such a treated material compared to a material with a simple and much cheaper fabric coating is serious and shows itself all the more clearly, for example, in the durability after water contact!

This is because many cheaply coated fabrics available for rescue systems are sensitive to moisture. This means that after a safety training with a water landing, this coating is already damaged and the sink rates increase drastically accordingly. We have always avoided such defects with the high-quality cloths we use at independence.

Quality that really pays off.