30 years
of development

Rescue parachutes from independence

For 30 years independence reserves have been standing for inventive technology, high-grade material and quality. Our developments have been revolutionizing the industry ever since.

Era Annular

Since the mid 90s our high-performant Annular construction replaced the simple designs of that time and defined a performance standard for reserve parachutes for more than a decade. 15 years ago we developed the Annular EVO series, our most manufactured rescue system and the most successful light-weight reserve in the world. It was designed by using a 20D fabric for the first time, a fabric which was 30% lighter than the fabric we used before. A novel approach at the time. Nowadays almost all manufacturers use a similar fabric.

Era cross caps

During the past 10 years it's again up to our products to change the common design of reserves: The series EVO Cross and Ultra Cross have been pathbreaking regarding the cruciform design for paragliding reserves. They've been opening new heights of performance. Especially the Ultra Cross series with its previously unattainable weight, starting at 790g. Only the unique fabric exclusively manufactured for independence, made of 10D ripstop fabric, made such developments possible. Thanks to the convincing performance of our EVO Cross and Ultra Cross series, cruciform parachutes have become the dominant technology in paragliding reserves.

Taxable reserves

Consequently the next step follws in 2018 - independence reserves become controllable. The new Trigon series now combines the unbeatable qualities of our cruciform lightweight series Ultra Cross with contrallability. If required it is possible to control Trigon in order to avoid obstacles. The controlability requires an activation by the pilot, so that in case of an emergency close to ground controllability can't become a safety concern. Without activation Trigon works like a common, uncontrollable system. Our product range of dirigible reserves is completed by Control. Designed on the principle of a Rogallo and with outstanding sink rates below 4m/s, the Control reserve is a system for pilots who are familar with the functioning of controllable reserves.

Rescue systems by independence – always a crucial step ahead!