Harness hike

Hike is an extremely light, yet comfortable, reversible harness. This harness without seat board provides a large rucksack capacity to carry your flight equipment. The harness is now available in two sizes. Thanks to elaborate details such as fasteners for helmet and hiking poles it is an ideal harness for hike & fly and travel purposes.

Reversible harness Hike


The redesigned harness is now available in two sizes. A captivating simple concept combined with sturdy light-weight material made it possible to achieve a weight of only 1,5kg.

An optional protector Connect and an adjustable front container, available as additional accessory for all common rescue systems, complement Hike to a highlight amongst light reversible harnesses.

The foam protector Connect Pro weighs 890g. The LTF certified airbag protector Connect Air weighs 390g, respectively in version Connect Air RS with an integrated reserve container 710g.


  • Certified according to EN1651 and additionally, if combined with airbag protector, according to LTF 91/09
  • High seating comfort due to formfitting back part and leg belts
  • Combined self-locking leg and chest belts
  • Idler pulley for accelerator system
  • Integrated suspension for rescue systems next to shoulder strap
  • Formfitting rucksack back part with breathable mesh and broad shoulder belts
  • Large capacity, expandable due to stretch bands
  • Adjustable broad hipbelt
  • Mounting straps at rucksack as fixtures for accessory (hiking sticks, spurs etc.)
  • Net for a helmet

Technical data

  M L
body height (cm) 155 - 185 cm 175 - 202
max. load (cm) 120 120
harness weight (kg) 1,5 1,55
airbag weight (kg) 0,29 0,29
suspension height (cm) 50 50
width of leg loop 22 cm 22cm
seat depth 39 cm 42 cm
rucksack capacity 63 l 63l
harness certification EN1651 EN1651
with airbag certified acc. EN1651 and LTF 91/09 EN1651 and LTF 91/09


fabric Honeycomb fabric
load bearing straps 25 mm Polyester
leg and chest closures -
carabiner Edelrid
idley pulley AustriAlpin



Is the rucksack capacity of Hike made only for light wings?

No, the rucksack capacity is capable of carrying normal paragliders, if packed compactly. Additionally there are many possibilities to fix other equipment parts on the outside of the rucksack.

Is it possible to use Hike for long thermal flights?

Yes. Hike is a comfortable, extremely light harness, which can be used even for longer distances. Anyhow it must be said, that such a light reversible harness always makes compromises regarding its comfort necessary.

How is the airbag protector attached to Hike?

The airbag protector is attached to the harness by a sturdy hook-and-loop tape. Thus attachment and removal are done in only a few seconds.

I already have a front containerv– may I use it for Hike?

Usually Hike is compatible with common front containers. Anyhow, please note that it is neccessary to pay attention to the manual of your front container.

May I use Hike as passenger harness for tandem flights?

Yes, Hike is suitable as passenger harness. In that case using an airbag protector for the passenger is not only mandatory, but should be self-evident, in order to take on responsibility for the passenger.


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