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Further useful accessories

independence offers you lots of useful, well-thought-out accessories: from a cockpit for your instruments to a water ballast bag and a brake parachute. Special walking sticks that can be used as selfie sticks, GoPro accessories made especially for paragliding and much more can be found in our product range. You will find them also at our online store.

Landing point

The independence landing point with its orange colour is clearly visible on almost every surface.


Adjustable stirrup that can be attached to your harness. Made for comfortable seating.

Instrument holders

Various holders for instruments to attach them either to your cockpit, to your leg or arm.

Carabiners (various)

Various carabiners for your harness - manufactured by AustriAlpin, Edelrid and Finsterwalder.

Inglefield clips

Inglefield clips made of stainless steel.

T-bar with V-bridle

Tandem suspension with two different fixing height for the passenger harness. Very robust - made for professional use. Including a V-bridle sewed to it, made for the attachment of light rescue systems.

Shoulder strap tightener

Shoulder strap tightener to retrofit harnesses with a belt of up to 25mm. Including integrated signalling whistle for ermergency situations.

Hook-and-loop tape

Hook-and-loop tape

Useful hook-and-loop tape used for packing paragliders.