Paraglider Geronimo²

XC intermediate glider with weight-optimised design and ideal performance for long distance flights. Geronimo² achieves a new performance range within class B, showing an optimum balance of high gliding performance and wide speed range combined with an absolutely smooth handling.

Geronimo² - weight optimised XC intermediate LTF/EN B


  • High performance XC intermediate wing
  • Efficient, clearly labelled and colour marked risers with 3 line levels
  • Weight optimised design
  • Minimised air drag and well arranged line setup
  • Extremely high constancy of its aerodynamic profile especially at high speed, achieved by newly-designed synthetic rods in the leading edge
  • Excellent take-off characteristics
  • Light and durable Dominico D20 fabric


What are the characteristics of Geronimo² like?

Geronimo² is a high-end wing within class B.

It provides well-tempered flight characteristics, good decay values in turbulent flows and shows good ascending capability. Geronimo² plays out its ultimate strengths at cross-country flights.

Why is Geronimo² especially suitable for performance oriented cross country pilots?

After take-off, which is easy to handle with Geronimo², it does play out its ultimate strength, which is thermal flying. Without any time lag it does convert every heaver into gained altitude and its accurate and nuanced handling make it possible to circle even small scale thermals. Its outstanding gliding performance, high final velocity and its controllable handling under extreme conditions, make Geronimo² a long distance chaser, that will enable you to enjoy your successful cross-country flights from take-off to landing.

Which of the available sizes of Geronimo² is suitable for me?

In general it is advisable to choose a size, where your weight is in the midst respectively in the upper third of the weight range the wing is certified for. Geronimo² is designed for purposes, where we favourably want to have an extra square metre, thus a lower sink rate. That's why Geronimo in both, L and M size, is construed for a similar weight range, which enables you to choose between a lower sink rate or higher final speed.

How does Geronimo² distinguish from a C-class wing?

Test flight requirements for a B-class glider are higher than demands to a C-class wing, such as longer steering distance until stall and a more tolerant folding behaviour. Some test flight tasks even skip class B.

Thus Geronimo² provides a high feel-good factor. Enjoy!

What's the handling of Geronimo² like?

Shifting weight and gentle use of the steering line make Geronimo² circle evenly and it efficiently uses every possibility to ascend. Subtle and effortless Geronimo² reacts to little direction adjustments. In narrow thermals the wing can be centered with a sloping position without being forced out of the upcurrent.

Steep spiralling is a prime example to demonstrate the strength of Geronimo²! It quickly reaches high sinking rates, yet the wing remains well-controllable and doesn't show any tendency to autonomous follow-up circling.

Which material is used for Geronimo²?

For Geronimo² we have chosen material, which offered an ideal compromise on weight reduction, durability and robustness. Every material we use is made by leading manufacturers, whom we have been working and cooperating with in development issues for many years. A solid basis for high quality and for your long lasting enjoyment of flying Geronimo.

For a detailed chart on material used please look at the chapter „technical data“.

Technical data

Size XS 23 S 25 M 27 L 29
cells 59 59 59 59
surface measure (m²) 23 25 27 29
surface projected (m²) 19,37 21,06 22,74 24,43
wing-span (m) 11,33 11,81 12,27 12,72
aspect ratio 5,58 5,58 5,58 5,58
trim speed (km/h) 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1
max. speed (km/h) 52 +/- 2 52 +/- 2 52 +/- 2 52 +/- 2
weight range (kg) 55 - 80 65 - 90 80 - 105 95 - 120
certification category (EN and LTF) B B B B
upper canvas Dominico 20D soft finish
lower canvas Dominico 20D soft finish
profile Dominico 30D FM hard finish
diagonal ribs Dominico 20D FM hard finish
lines Edelrid Technora 7343: 280/190 (lower lines)
  Edelrid Technora 8000U: 190/135 (middle line cascade)
  Edelrid Technora 8000: U135/080/065 (top line cascade)
  Liros Dyneema DSL-70 (brake)
  Edelrid Dyneema 10/N300 (steering line)
line locks Maillon Rapide inox 3,5 mm



Lines & accessory for this paraglider


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