Maintenance, repairs & biennial checks for your equipment

For your safety we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair service - at fair prices!

  • Check for your paraglider (biennial check) - For all brands. For every model.
  • Check for your rescue parachute (biennial check)
  • Re-packing rescue parachutes
  • 2+2 warranty extension for independence gliders
  • Repairs

Maintenance for paragliders & rescue parachutes

A Biennial check for gliders as well as parachutes is mandatory. But regular checks and professional maintenance can not only extend the lifetime of your parachute, but in case of emergency yours as well. Saving costs for a check would definitely be the utmost wrong post for saving money. Especially because we offer you favourable conditions.

As an aviation company with a modern, well-equipped service station, we can offer you a comprehensive service for your glider and further equipment. Our service staff carries out every task professionally and as fast as possible, so that you won't miss your glider for too long.

Checks & Re-packing

You've bought a second-hand paraglider or rescue system? Of course we carry out all tasks apart from regular checks, too! We examine your equipment and re-pack parachutes.

In order to carry out the service efficiently and make it as easy for you as possible, we made a commissioning form for you. Simply fill in the form and send it to us together with your glider, rescue parachute or harness.

All services can now be commissioned in our shop.

Service form


Service Price
Biennial check of solo glider 179,-€
Biennial check of tandem or motor glider 204,-€
Surcharge for check including soft links 25,-€
Surcharge for additional trim effort per 15min 20,-€
Re-packing of solo rescue parachute (round parachute) 39,-€
Re-packing of tandem rescue parachute (round parachute) 49,-€
Check and re-packing of solo rescue parachute (round parachute) 64,-€
Check and re-packing of tandem rescue parachute (round parachute) 74,-€
Re-packing of solo rescue parachute (cruciform) 49,-€
Re-packing of tandem rescue parachute (cruciform) 59,-€
Check and re-packing of solo rescue parachute (cruciform) 74,-€
Check and re-packing of tandem rescue parachute (cruciform) 84,-€
Re-packing of rescue parachute (Rogallo) 69,-€
Check and re-packing of rescue parachute (Rogallo) 94,-€
Mounting rescue parachute into harness or front container 15,-€
Replacement line 12,-€

Shipping costs within Germany and Austria 8,50€, within other EU countries 16,-€. Shipping costs for countries outside the EU on request. All prices incl. 19% VAT. Shipping costs included if you place an order for 2 or more service items.

Small repair works (if necessary) are included in the costs for a biennial check. Other repair works are charged according to the effort. Of course we will inform you in advance about the effort it takes to repair your equipment.