2+2 warranty extension

The legal warranty for all independence paragliders is valid for two years. After that period warranty extension for two more years, that covers material and processing defects, can be granted under following conditions:

  • The first biennial check is carried out at independence. For this service we charge the usual biennial check costs plus an additional 20,- € fee (incl. VAT).
  • Warranty extension is applicable for gliders in private use only.
  • For commercially used gliders, schooling gliders as well as former schooling gliders a warranty extension can't be given.

In the event of damage:

You need to send us the paraglider at your own expense together with a copy of the sales contract (invoice) and the report or invoice of the first biennial check. Decisions about warranty cases and warranty repairs are only made Fly market GmbH & Co. KG.

If warranty is applicable Fly market GmbH & Co. KG decides whether the glider will be repaired, partly replaced or if you receive a replacement glider (compensation payment - old for new glider - might apply).

Warranty is not applicable in case of:

  • improper handling of the glider
  • damage caused by an accident or contact with an obstacle
  • bad maintenance
  • inadequate storage
  • contact with any kind of chemicals
  • usual wear