RAM air pockets - serial deployment accelerators

The serial deployment accelerators we developed, so called "RAM air pockets", serially are provided in each of our annular rescue parachutes. RAM air pockets are made of two parabolic pockets, sewed at two opposite panels of the parachute. Those pockets influence the opening even during the first phase, when the parachute unfolds, and even at low speed.

These two pockets easily inflate due to their position and low capacity, independent of the flow angle. The resulting air drag at the outside of the canopy makes the parachute basis open fast, so that it can fill up with air.

Thus the opening of the rescue parachute happens much faster, which, in case of an emergency, can be life saving!

Functionality of RAM-air pockets

The image serie below shows you, how RAM air pockets accelerate the opening. First and second image show the oncoming flow towards the parachute. The following images illustrate the functionality when the flow angle is not suitable to open the parachute - RAM air pocktes even react positively towards top flow.

RAM air pockets increase opening reliability of annular parachutes immensely and improve opening time. As in case of emergency each and every meter counts, RAM air pockets are an investment for your safety, thus absolutely worthwhile. Serially included in all independence annular parachutes!


Further information on rescue systems

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