Harness Innovation Pro

Innovation Pro is a light all-round harness for ambitious beginners or thermal flying. Its cushioned shoulder straps together with a noticeable free movement space provide comfort during flight as well as during take-off and landing. Many thought-out details make Innovation Pro a first choice harness for distance flights.

Harness Innovation Pro


The geometry of Innovation Pro and its seat board slide enable paragliding pilots to simply slip into the harness during take-off. Slipping out during landing is just as easy. Individual adjustments for seat and back assist you to quickly find your ideal seating position. Its colour-coordinated drop-out safeguard, leg and chest closures combined with a drop-out safeguard and a large back protector increase passive safety of this harness.


  • Excellent seating comfort - appropriate for distance flights
  • Very low weight of only 4,1kg (size M)
  • Individual adjustments for seating position and seat inclination
  • Fixture for a stirrup
  • Integrated rescue parachute container
  • Deployment bag with release handle
  • Colour-coordinated drop-out safeguard
  • Large, easily accessible pocket
  • Very light, formfitting honeycomb seat board
  • Radio pocket integrated into shoulder belt
  • Long foam protector reaching up the back
  • Many accessible storage possibilities
  • Magnet holder for speed bar

Technical data

Size Small Medium Large
body height 150 - 165 cm 160 - 180 cm 175 - 195 cm
max. load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
harness weight 3,8 kg 4,1 kg 4,3 kg
suspension height 46 cm 49 cm 51 cm
seat board size (width/length) 36 cm x 36 cm 38 cm x 38 cm 40 cm x 40 cm
certification EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09

The sizes given only are references, as the individually suitable size differs according to physique and personal preferences.

fabric Ripstop Nylon 210 & Cordura
risers 25 mm Polyester
leg and chest buckles AustriAlpin Cobra
carabiner Finsterwalder Snap Lock
idler pulley AustriAlpin
seat board synthetic; honeycomb design