Harness Acro

Our Acro series are robust harnesses that have been designed especially for the requirements of acro pilots. Developing Acro we focussed especially on sturdy, high grade material. Its low suspension and the almost upright seating position, enable the pilot to easily steer by shifting his weight. Additionally the harness provides high seating comfort and back support.

Acro harness


For Acro we used 45mm belts. Belts and locks have been laid out in way, that, once adjusted, they can't be shifted during flight even in high g-force manoeuvres.

Two rescue parachute containers integrated below the seat make an extra rescue available. A fixture with rapid deployment for the smoke cartridge naturally is part of the concept and so is the certification according to LTF.


  • Extremely sturdy back part
  • Two integrated rescue parachute containers
  • Smoke cartridge fixture with rapid deployment
  • Locks unshiftable during flight - even if subject to high stress
  • Chest belt with drop-out safeguard
  • Light honeycomb seat board
  • Radio pocket integrated into shoulder belt
  • Tight leg loops for direct wing contact

Technical data

Size M L XL
body height 160 – 175 cm 170 - 185 cm 180 cm - 195 cm
max. load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
harness weight 5,3 kg 5,5 kg 5,8 kg
suspension height 42 cm 45 cm 48 cm
seat board size (width/length) 37 cm x 32 cm 37 cm x 32 cm 37 cm x 32 cm
certification LTF 91/09 LTF 91/09 LTF 91/09

The sizes given are only references, as the individually suitable size differs according to physique and personal preferences.

fabric Ripstop Nylon 210 & Cordura
risers 45 mm Polyester
leg and chest closures AustriAlpin
carabiner AustriAlpin Powerfly


How does the smoke cartridge have to be fixed?

At the outer face, lower back part, there's an eylet attached to the harness. Beyond the eyelet is a deployment cable and the according handle bar is fixed laterally. You need to fix a cord at the smoke cartridge, which has to be inserted into the cable behind the eyelet.
Then, to deploy the smoke cartridge, you only need to pull the deployment cable in order to unlock the cartridge cord.

For my rescue system I need a suspension point right on the shoulder belt. Is such a device included?

Yes. Suspension points for the rescue system are placed directly next to both shoulder belts, without connector lines. The harness comes with two connector lines for non-steerable rescue systems, which can be fixed with a screw element.

All belts used for Acro are 45mm broad. Is the seat board reinforced, too?

No, because it isn't necessary! The seat board of Acro and most of our harnesses have a honeycomb structure, thus can not break, as it rather bends due to that special elastic structure.


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