Single skin 'Tensing'

They weren’t cut from the same cloth, yet they were partners and ideally complimented one another during the first ascent of Mount Everest: Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. That is why we named the counterpart for SKYMAN glider 'Sir Edmund' after his companion. The independence single-surface is called Tensing.

Both wings have the same basis concerning design, but they differ in the material selection, which has been made to meet different demands. For Tensing a more sturdy material, 20D Dominico fabric, has been used instead of extremely light fabric. Furthermore its lower lines are sheathed. Additionally a conventional 15 mm riser has been chosen.

Thereby Tensing weighs about 600g more than Sir Edmund. Yet Tensing 20 has a weight of only 2.1 kg. A modest lightweight design and, despite different priorities concerning material, an impressive result: Tensing comes up with exactly the same flight characteristics as Sir Edmund. Compared to his companion Tensing is easier to prepare for take-off due to sheathed lines, which are easier to untangle, and its higher resistance against damages. Often
a real benefit in difficult conditions.

Tensing shows a good gliding performance, which already comes close the gliding performance of a conventional paraglider. Flying thermals with this agile single skin is really fun! The fact that this wing can make the most of upwinds and that it is extremely easy to launch, makes it an ideal category B glider for soaring too.

Tensing is available in 3 sizes (17, 20 and 23) - with certification according to LTF and EN.

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