Safety note on harnesses

Finsterwalder buckles Click-Lock and T-Lock (according to safety note of Finsterwalder GmbH, published June 4th 2016

The current safety note of Finsterwalder GmbH affects the following independence harnesses with buckles carrying the article numbers:

HSI 60, HSI601, HSI630, HSI10, HSI17, HSI18, HSI162, HSI152, HSI15, HSI661, HSI66, HSI672, HSI671, HSI69 and HSI68.


We have used these buckles in the following prior harnesses:

  • Tigra 97 certification number MZL GS-03-177-97
  • Magic / Magic 2000 certification number MZL GS-03-178-97
  • Twix certification number MZL GS-03-215-00
  • Flow certification number MZL GS-03-218-00
  • Flexon / Flexon Airbag certification number DHV GS-03-0241-01, GS-03-0242-01
  • Spider certification number DHV GS-03-0323-05
  • Geko certification number DHV GS-03-0342-06
  • Flash / Flash Cygnus certification number DHV GS-03-0314-06, GS-03-0341-06
  • Duo certification number DHV GS-0355-07
  • Acro prior model without certification, manufactured until 2012


In order to put no pilot or passenger at risk, the harnesses mentioned above may only be used after checking the belt buckles properly, whether one of the Finsterwalder buckles shown above is in use.

The buckles are shown in the following PDF file.

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