New Cruiser, new Ultra Cross and much more

At independence there is a lot of new excellent stuff coming up! Proven stuff stays in our product range, while many of these products have been updated. Like for example some harnesses, which we will announce soon. Some products have been expanded, such as QPS, which now is additionally available as "2 in 1" - quick packing bag and rucksack in one.

New paragliders

Some products have been completely revised - like our popular beginners wing Cruiser, which now comes to market in a revised version as Cruiser4. With enhanced gliding performance and significant lower weight! Moreover Cruiser4 is an excellent paramotor wing.

We are very proud to announce our first single-skin, which we will bring out in spring, the glider "Tensing"! He is the companion of Skyman wing "Sir Edmund". These two single-skin wings complement one another just like Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay at their first ascent of Mount Everest.

Regarding their design both wings have the same basement, but they differ a lot when it comes to the processed material. Tensing is not made of the lightest possible fabric - we rather focused on sturdy 20D fabric combined with sheathed lines. Additionally a customary 15 mm riser is used.

Thus Tensing 20 weighs 2.1kg. And it comes up with a simplified take-off handling, beacause it is easy to assort its lines. This moderate lightweight design results in a strudy single-skin and, compared to his companion, at a favourable price.

Tensing will soon be available in 4 sizes (17, 20, 23 and 26) and certified according to EN/LTF.

New rescue parachute

We present a new reserve among the "Ultra Cross" series: the unbelievably light and compact Ultra Cross 75. With a weight of only 790g and minimum packing volume this is the ideal reserve for lightweight pilots and all those, who depend on lightest equipment - not only at Hike & Fly but also at competitions.

New accessories

Of course there are new accessories coming up, too: a new "Protect Bag", the Rucksack "Daybag" and especially the new "Hi-Tec" helmet.

"Stay tuned!" - we will report more soon.

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