Furio goes Norway!

Importer of independence products Øyvind Kindem from Norway, told us, there was a new hype coming up in his country: a combination of speed-flying and speed-riding. That spacious landscape with it's mellow hills is made for such a sport. Hundreds of people fly with their skis downhill, making use of a newly-created flight licence.

While speed-riding meanwhile is regularised or even forbidden in many regions of the Alps, due to many accidents, Norway decided to take a different way with that licence, which links body weight, wing size and proficiency level.

A beginner may only fly with a rather large wing, while an expert may fly a small wing.That concept seems to work pretty well. Reason for us to develop a modified glider in cooperation with Draco Volans for that purpose.

Furio is available in sizes 11, 13, 15, 16, which matches exactly with the weight ranges and ratings of the norwegian licence.

Furio's high stability and large glinding angle range, which is adjustable by adapting the 20cm long trimmer, are absolutely convincing. With the trimmer at zero or with slightly closed trimmer, Furio is categorised a speed-flyer.

Its gliding performance at that adjustment is extraordinary, so that take-offs at foot and at shallow terrain are pretty easy. Opening the trimmer changes the handling characteristics, due to the special trimmer positioning. The canopy middle is being accelerated disproportionate to the outer wing. The brake is being controled in a different way, thus the handling is adapted for speed-riding.

Not only the gliding performance is reduced that way in order to stay close to the terrain, but also the handling gets less dynamic. That way it is easier to ride the skis and the glider is prevented from turning towards the hill. So Furio is a pretty versatile glider, which covers the whole range from speed-riding to speed-flying!

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