Fly Geronimo² and achieve XC points!

Irrespective of a team membership, you can earn prize money with each distance flight with Geronimo2. Simply publish your flights on both portals DHV XC and

Previous registration at independence is not necessary. Submit your points until October 31st 2016 via eMail to , adding links to your flights in XContest and DHV XC.

The prizes will be calculated based on DHV XC points and according to the following scale:

  • 50+ points per flight: 10€
  • 100+ points per flight: 20€
  • 200+ points per flight: 50€
  • 300+ points per flight: 100€
  • 400+ points per flight: 200€


All flights will be calculated separately and the prize money of all flights is going to be summed up. All cumulated prizes from 50,-€ onwards will be paid out as shopping vouchers for independence products. Cash payment is impossible!

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