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Irrespective of an independence team membership you can achieve prize money with every XC flight with Geronimo²!

In 2016 independence supports 20 XC pilots at DHV XC contest!

The Ultra Cross 210 is the lightest tandem rescue parachute on the market with LTF and EN certification!

with Finsterwalder PL-hook buckles (item no. HSi51, HSi510)
Concerned harnesses are: Coconea, Passenger Air, Passenger Pro, Pilot, Slope, Junior and Hike.

Geschenkgutscheine für Gleitschirm- und Drachenflieger

Our service vouchers are ideal presents for pilots. Now during winter time you can gain a surprise present on top.

Flying giraffe, bath tub, vikings and much more ... that was Coupe Icare 2015.

Gift vouchers for paragliding and hanggliding pilots

With our gift vouchers you can surely give a pleasure to every pilot. The vouchers are now available either as value vouchers or as service vouchers.

New: our independence bandana "Isobare"