Gleitschirm Cruiser4


Our popular beginner's series Cruiser has been revised for the third time and shows up as Cruiser4 with significant less weight, improved gliding performance and a completely modified interior. Its well-balancedand smooth handling are just as convincing as its easy to handle take-off characteristics.

One of the features of Cruiser4 is the suitability for paramotor use.

 Ultra Cross

Ultra Cross 75 not only for lightweight pilots

The lightest of our Ultra Cross series weighs unbelievable 790g and has a packing measure like a furled T-Shirt. It is certified according to EN12491, of course, and shows that outstanding deployment speed, pendulum stability and sink rate, which are typical for Ultra Cross reserves.

 Luftsporthelm Hi-Tec

Helmet for airborne sports

The new Hi-Tec (certified according to EN 966 HPG) is an open and light hard shell helmet. It is designed for an optimum fit and has many outstanding features! The high-grade adjustment wheel enables you to adjust the helmet exactly for your individual head shape. The Hi-Tec with smooth soft touch surface is available in 5 colours and 2 sizes.


XC intermediate glider with weight-optimised design and ideal performance for long distance flights. Geronimo² achieves a new performance range within class B, showing an optimum balance of high gliding performance and wide speed range combined with an absolutely smooth handling.

 Innencontainer mit UV-Schutzbeschichtung

Deployment bag with UV coating

All independence reserves now serially come up with a new deployment bag material, which has a silver ultraviolet coating. Thus the reserves are protected effectively from harmful ultraviolet light and from humidity, too. Moreover this material has a very smooth surface, which minimises the friction at deployment.

These deployment bags are also available as retro-fit kits, starting at 29,- € (incl. 19% german VAT).

Welcome at independence

We offer a complete paragliding package to every paragliding pilot. Our team focuses on continuous enhancement of flight charcteristics, safety and comfort of our gliders, rescue parachutes, harnesses and accessories. Every year there are new stunning inventions in our product range.

The independence team, some of them creative engineers and test pilots, who always put our products to acid tests, was successful enough to make independence the leading manufacturer for rescue parachutes. And by the way many of these reserves are available for hang-gliding, too.

For every paragliding pilot an ideal equipment package

No matter if you are beginner or experienced instructor, cross country pilot or airborne acrobat - independence has everything you need for paragliding. According to our slogan "fly it your way" we offer an ideal package of glider, harness, rescue system, useful accessories and service, of course, that meets YOUR needs!


The new Cruiser4

New Cruiser, new Ultra Cross and much more

The current season starts with a lot of brand new paragliding equipmet: A new Cruiser, the single-skin "Tensing", a reserve at 790g, a new Hi-Tec helmet, a QPS 2 in 1 (quick packing bag & rucksack), new harnesses ... and, and, and.

A preview.

Retrofit solution

for some of the harnesses affected by the safety note published on June 7th.

Ultra Cross 210

The Ultra Cross 210 is the lightest tandem rescue parachute on the market with LTF and EN certification!

Manuals and certifications for previous models

Manuals, certifications, flight test reports and more for previous models are now available in the download area. Documents for current models can be found on the product pages as well as on the download pages.